Monday, March 18, 2013


I decided to do something productive with my Spring Break.  This blog has gotten me all fired up.  Of course, sweet Jillian is about 3 times smaller than I am and I could almost be her mother, buuuttt....I thought:  I can do that.  So off to the secondhand store I went.  No great finds for $1.  This specific shop has half price Wednesdays, so I'll be going back.

Next I went to Hancock Fabric.  Dust off the ol' sewing machine.  Patterns on sale for 99 cents, a good start.  Then I found this fabulous fabric!  $19.99 a yard.  Well, my fat self needs at least 2 yards to make anything fun, so that idea went down the tubes, as well.  Oh well, back home now.  I have enough unfinished projects here to keep me busy.

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M said...

She's really good...I can never quite make what I imagine out of my old stuff...I did just buy a 40% off dress at GAP that I need to tailor...I hope it turns out!