Thursday, April 30, 2009

Remember Them?

Have you seen the "'Memba Them" photos on AOL? I usually am not one to keep up with the stars, but a few weeks ago one of these caught my attention. It was probably someone from a TV show or a movie I watched in my youth so I clicked on it and proceeded through the pictures. Each click of the mouse making me more and more depressed.....I mean, wow! Do *I* look that terrible? Every once in awhile there's someone who is just as beautiful or moreso than they were. I guess that's all I can hope for, but considering I don't have unlimited funds for plastic surgery or a personal trainer, I'm going to have to come to terms with saggy skin and wrinkles. Just an average Joe. Sigh.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Week!?

Well, wow, I didn't realize it had been over a week since I last posted. I've been feeling draggy....slept a lot of the weekend, took Friday off and slept all day. I had some blood drawn yesterday to check my thyroid and everything else. I'm scared to see my cholesterol.
My son's last track meet was on Thursday. His relay team won third place on the mile relay! On his leg he passed up three other people. Go A!
We close on our house in little under four weeks and we are getting very excited!!
Off to class tonight. One more presentation and I'm finit with that class (until she gives our rough drafts back and I have to correct).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip Down Memory Lane

Hubby got me a musical card for my birthday with Molly Ringwald from Sixteen Candles on it (it plays "True," by Gary Kemp).
He didn't know me then, but he's heard all the stories. I was known as Molly. Everyone said I looked like Molly. I was cool with that. The above picture is of the skinny me before Senior Prom, circa 1986...
I even got the Molly Ringwald Award in choir. Good times.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I really want to complain, but instead here are a couple of pictures of our new house. Hubs went out the other day for the inspection, so far, so good. Yee-haw! (It's the Texan in me, sorry!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Reflections of Tulsa

My son took this picture.

We Need Your Help!

We have a Relay for Life team that we are a part of this year. My grandmother died of cancer, as well as a very dear friend a couple of years ago. I know all of us have had our lives touched in one way or another by cancer. I hope you are involved in your area's Relay.

We are trying to achieve our monetary goal, and you can help us out in one of three ways

1. We are raffling off (2), count 'em, TWO! Scentsy baskets. One will have a large warmer and the other will have a plug in. If you would like to enter this drawing, the tickets are $1 each! What a bargain!

2. We have made some of these adorable coloring bags. They include a coloring book and the crayons. All yours for only $10!

3. Or, you can simply make a donation. And include us in your prayers.
If you are interested in contributing or purchasing these items, go to my profile and email me and I'll get back to you soon.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Fun

We went to Ft. Worth this weekend for Easter. My in-laws always have a huge Easter egg hunting bash. On the way, I met my friend and her family for lunch. I taught with her many moons ago. It was so nice to meet her precious kids and get re-acquainted. She got her district's Teacher of the Year this year! I'm so proud of her! Way to go Tanya!

And here is the card and cake my in-laws got me. The running joke since my sister was old enough to complain was that I always got cute cakes. Her birthday is November 24th. I would get cute rabbit cakes and she would get turkey cakes. Now why was she complaining!?

I've gotten lots of money to buy books for my Kindle...or to get the new house inspected! ha

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

We got the house!! Yipee!!
They countered, we accepted. We are super excited and are looking to move around the last week of May. I'll post some pictures then. It has a huge yard and a nice big open living area with a fireplace. Will be fun! My birthday is Sunday and I have a Kindle, a new house, living my dream of getting my doctorate, my family is safe and healthy, what more could I want?

We are safe. The fires didn't get this far into town, but we know lots of people who had to evacuate for a time and a few that actually lost their homes. Pray for all of those who have had damage done.

The Waiting Game

We were De-Nied on our counter offer on the other house we bid on, so we went looking again last night. Found another, possibly even better!! So, we put in an offer and now it's the waiting game. I like games, but not this one.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


See the bunny? There's a litter of them under our shed. We've seen three of these little guys. So cute! Happy Easter! I know Easter's not about bunnies, but you know...

p.s. I don't know what's up with my comments....they're not being sent to me to moderate or something, sorry for those of you who had to wait longer than usual.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Area Special Olympics

We just returned from our area Special Olympics. I am exhausted, sun and windburned, but happy. My kiddos ran, threw, wheeled, and walked their little hearts out, all with the biggest smiles on their faces! It is quite an event. I was even interviewed for the news....hopefully it won't make it. :) I got tons of great pictures, wish I could post some here. We will be going to State in Stillwater in May.

We have made a counter-offer on the house, the guy didn't accept our first offer, so we're still waiting for that news.

I am ready for my comfy couch and some TV or Kindle time, but I'm off to class to present this evening...I hope my addled brain can remember everything I need to say.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

House and Stuff

We put in an offer on a house yesterday afternoon. We should hear something back by Monday.

I love this.
I got tulips for no reason!!

Mr. Q and Ms. U are getting married today at school. Our pre-k teacher goes all out for this. There's an actual wedding cake, too. I think it's a little over the top, but hey......