Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Fun

We went to Ft. Worth this weekend for Easter. My in-laws always have a huge Easter egg hunting bash. On the way, I met my friend and her family for lunch. I taught with her many moons ago. It was so nice to meet her precious kids and get re-acquainted. She got her district's Teacher of the Year this year! I'm so proud of her! Way to go Tanya!

And here is the card and cake my in-laws got me. The running joke since my sister was old enough to complain was that I always got cute cakes. Her birthday is November 24th. I would get cute rabbit cakes and she would get turkey cakes. Now why was she complaining!?

I've gotten lots of money to buy books for my Kindle...or to get the new house inspected! ha


Paris said...

Hey girl, Happy Birthday AND congrats on your new house! Woot! I am SOOO happy for you. :)


PJ said...

So glad your birthday/Easter was joyful!!! I haven't tried the Kindle. Do you really like it??