Monday, April 22, 2013

Funny Teacher Story

We were having a meeting this afternoon, and while we were waiting, mom told me this story.  It made my day, which was great as it started out lousy.

Becky's (not her real name) mom was looking for her Special Olympics shirt to wash.  She couldn't find it anywhere, so she enlisted the help of Becky and her brothers.  They all began looking, but Becky wouldn't stop watching TV.  Eventually mom went and turned the TV off and told Becky to help look for the t-shirt.  Time went on, and mom went to put the clothes into the dryer.  Low and behold, the shirt was in the wash.  She told Becky's brothers, but neglected to tell Becky.  Becky had been pouting because mom had turned off the TV, and now she was even more upset that mom didn't come apologize for turning the TV off.

Becky got her backpack and said "Reev house."  Mom said, you mean you want to go to school.  Becky responded "No!  Reev house!"

I love 'my' kiddos.

Have a great day!

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