Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hi guys, random giveaway! I have a subscription to Fitness magazine for you. If you are interested, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite workout is and why.
Mine is kickboxing. I really enjoyed the classes I took. It was fun beating the heck out of that bag. I'm going to miss not being able to take it this semester. But, on to more important things. I guess it's the Step video at home! :) Happy Tuesday!


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh, wow...going to work is a work-out for me!! Seriously, I try to walk in the mornings, too. It's pretty cold here now, tho'.

TARYN said...

Here's the link you asked for..... Curt would love a magazine about fitness, mostly because our fitness these day tends to rotate around catching toddlers!!

Darlene said...

You know I don't think I can say I have a favorite workout because I hate to exercise but I must! I enjoy walking the most and bike riding. Right now we have gotten Wii fit and between all the things on it and the boxing on Wii sports I feel like I have been doing better with my exercising. The trick for me is to just keep it up!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Fun! I love giveaways. I am really trying to get back into a regular exercise routine. I'm not much on classes...I guess I'm a little boring. I really love power walking, especially when it's cold outside! Now, if I could only stay committed for more than 2 days!