Friday, March 27, 2009

My New Boyfriend

I have a three-year-old that comes to see me on Fridays. When he first started coming in December, he would have absolutely nothing to do with me...would *not* talk, hid under the table, etc. Over the months, we've become friends and we talk and play now. I knew I had "made it" when I received this picture. Clearly, this is Batman, Superman, and friends.
His favorite are the cars and blocks. We build big block towers and knock them down with the cars. I have my bins labeled and got everything back into the wrong bins today. Not ok with me. :)
I also watched our Pre-K class for about an hour today while their teacher was at a funeral. It's been storming all day, and after a particularly loud clap of thunder, one of the boys said "Jesus is talking to us!"
I guess due to the constant rain today, everyone thought the world was coming to an end so Wal-Mart was packed (we needed coffee!). Luckily, I had my Kindle to read while standing in line! Gotta love it!


M said...

I love little kids art! Sounds like you have worked wonders with that little guy! No stormin' was 80 degrees when I rode home!

Ang said...

Always good to have new boyfriends!!!

Jess said...

I think about you each time I run. I know you can do it too Michelle. Bring your Kiddle thingy!!! :)