Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So, I get home today from an all-day conference, and this kid is standing in my driveway. SIGH!! He's all excited and I know he is about to sell me something. It's one of those "I'm trying to earn points to do yada yada. If you buy a magazine, I get points." So, I figured the best way to get him to leave me alone to eat what turned out to be bad Chinese food was to buy one. I picked one and he was filling out the form and I was filling out my check until he said "That'll be $75." Are you freaking kidding me? For a magazine subscription?? Sorry, kid!


Merlin said...

I'm sorry, but have had people like that come to my door and I just politely decline. Those things are NOT worth it.

pinkandgeek said...

I always tell them that I don't care about their points. But, if they can give me a good pitch, their odds are good. One Girl Scout convinced me to buy 7 boxes of girl scout cookies because she said that she had sold 93 boxes to that point & I could buy her 100th box.....Sold!