Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

What a great Spring Break! I went down to see my Momma in San Antonio. We shopped and ate a lot. One specific place we went to eat was called the Sand Bar. Very fancy....I'm sure we committed a few faux pas. We ordered the shrimp appetizer and this is what we got. Yeah, the WHOLE shrimp. It was quite off putting. The waiter with an Australian accent explained that they cook them whole so that you know they are fresh. Okie doke. The wasabi aoili was pretty good.
We also saw one of Rey Mysterio's masks. Not really, but it was funny.
My mom and step-dad have a rat terrier. She doesn't eat much. I thought this was so funny because we buy the 40-lb. bags!
My car went from 29,999
to 30,000
My sister-in-law got married. Outside and their new house. It was nice.
Here's the groom talking to my beautiful grandmother-in-law who will celebrate her 91st birthday this year.
And here's a sweet picture of my hubs and the beautiful bride.


Sophia said...

Hey chickie...looks like you had a wonderful time! I need a vacation and we never took our trip!!! :)

Merlin said...

She forgot to mention she met me for lunch on her way back to Ft. Worth! We ate at GattiTown and visited a lot, and then got down to business about her being a 31 Gifts catalog hostess for me (I'm a 31 Gifts consultant)at the school she teaches in. I was wishing we had MORE time to visit! I am SO glad she's my friend, because she's such a sweetie!!!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Okay, I admit, I'm not a posh chick! That shrimp freaks me out; I could not eat anything with the face still attached (even if it had an Australian accent). SA is one of my favorite places in the world (duh - Alamo), and I literally eat my way through it!