Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hey all! I'm having a catalog party for my friend who is selling Thirty-One bags. They are SO cute and you can have them monogrammed! Check out her website and let me know by Tuesday if you'd like to order something!


Merlin said...

And you can book an online or catalog party with me as well (other than Michelle, of course...)! There are great April and May customer deals/hostess rewards! The March customer deal/hostess rewards ends on the 31st. Let Michelle know and she can let me know or contact me! 8^D

Merlin said...

Michelle, do you still need more time? If you wanted to wait until April, you and the customers can get free shipping, and you still can get discounts, or wait until May, and get double hostess rewards! Check my fanpage on FB for my explanation on how that works!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Never heard of it, I'll pop over and take a peek.
Have a blessed Easter.

Merlin said...

The March Specials have expired as of yesterday, and so did the 31 Kids catalog (which is why I didn't have them personally). There will be a new 31 Kids catalog soon! The April and May customer deals/hostess rewards are out now, so go check out the specials on my website, and all of the catalogs too! :-D

Michelle, do you still need more time? Do you want to do the April Hostess Specials or the May Hostess Specials? There really is no time limit for how long you want the party, but remember those specials are by month to month. ;-)