Monday, July 19, 2010

More Trip Pictures

My dad plays this game in the swimming pool with the grand kids. They hang onto a noodle (the train) and then they go up 'snowy mountain.' On the way up to snowy mountain you go through these obstacles like "Buster's Bumps" and "Bill's Hills." This year was his 72nd birthday, and my clever sister made this cake of snowy mountain!

We built bird houses.
We sluiced for rocks at Hiddenite Mines. The boys loved it.
This is the library in my sister's little town. So quaint. I love it.

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Sophia said...

How cool is that! Happy birthday to your father! :)

How is school going? I'm needing to catch up desperately. I've been so focused on looking for a new job as well as working on my new art website/shop. Would you come follow me on my new art blog? I could use all the inspiration possible! Love you! :)