Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Thoughts

Hi friends! News: I have a broken foot. Ok, it's my toe, but it's at the base of my toe by the ball of my foot. I wish I had some great story like I was chasing a burglar or saving a child from being hit by a bus or roundhouse kicking my hubby, but no. I walked into the night stand.
I had crutches for a week, but fortunately I now have a walking shoe. Hurts and I'm still slow, but muuuch better than crutches.

We're snowed in. It's 10 degrees. Not used to this like Natalie probably is. Second day with no school. I don't know what the main streets look like, but the neighborhood streets are by no means clear. Hubby made it out in the FJ. I don't think my Mini would make it.

I found a pair of cute shoes online that I'm thinking about getting. I guess I should wait until I can wear them on both feet. These are awesome, too!

Remember I said it was 10? Well, the wind chill is -11. The dog next door has been outside all day. I probably ought to call animal welfare.

I have written an IRB, read two chapters, re-written my class syllabus, and found numerous articles that will help me with my research.

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Michelle said...

Ouch! sorry about your toe :( Hope it heals quickly! Thanks for stopping by - and stay warm!