Friday, July 17, 2009

High of 89 and My Yard

Here's a random picture of me and a student. It has nothing to do with this post.
Here's my new garden friend. A and I named him Mo. He's been there all week.

I love how these periwinkles start to bloom. Like a spiral.

Here's my favorite tree in our yard. I don't know what it is, but I like it.

Here's a close up of new growth.

Here is my dad giving my nephew a lesson on how sundial works.

Here are my Caladiums.

Here are my dad's Caladiums.

Here are my plants looking very sad with brown leaves....

And here's what they're supposed to look like. When I bought them it said full sun, but I guess it didn't necessarily mean 104 degrees full sun. I water them every evening.
It's only supposed to be 89 degrees today.
I think if they make it through the summer, then they might get to be as nice looking as my dad's.

1 comment:

Taryn said...

It's a red bud tree!