Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well, I thought today was Wednesday, so I was going to find a great trip picture for Wordless Wednesday, but obviously that will have to wait until tomorrow. So you're stuck with my rambling thoughts. Course, I probably only have one reader left (hi Momma!!) since I haven't posted regularly in so long.
I am teaching summer school for my last school district for 6 more days. I like to take the back roads because they are so peaceful (well, as peaceful as you can get with Seether's Careless Whisper blaring). On the way there I usually drive with my windows down, but not this week as it's already 85 degrees when I leave the house. I love to look at the houses and think that someday I'll have one out in the country like that (course, by the time I get one, I'll be too old to take care of it). It's not too flat, and no traffic. On the way home today I was so busy daydreaming that I missed my turn. No problem, I went down a big block and explored that street of houses. This morning I saw a turtle, the second one I've seen, and a few weeks ago, I saw a tarantula. Wish I had had my camera for that one!

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