Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Parties

We've been going to a lot of Christmas parties lately. "White Elephant" gift exchanges here in Oklahoma are called "Dirty Santa." It has nothing to do with being dirty. Today was our school Christmas party. It was Bring Your Own Snack, Drink, and Gift. You know those plastic Solo cups everyone uses for parties? Yeah, my principal filled hers up with whiskey and drank it. Straight!

I really hate it that I'm getting old enough that I have to floss after eating meat.

I love Christmas nougats that have the little Christmas trees in the middle. I eat all around the outside to leave the Christmas tree in the middle.

We have two more days of school and then we're off for Christmas activities. We leave to see my in-laws Saturday morning and then off to my Mommy's. We'll be back here for Christmas Eve and Day.

What are you getting for Christmas?

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