Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Winter

Umm...I don't think this is supposed to happen.
Pretty ice crystals on the blackberry bush.

Giant icicle.
Didn't want to chance the roads to go to church. Haven't left the house in 4 days now, and I'm OK with that! Got a lot of homework done, laundry, quilted, and slept a lot. May be back to work tomorrow.


Merlin said...

I recognize the kind of brick on your house! Before we moved back to Austin, the preacher's house we lived in had the same kind of brick! Weird! lol...

I remember the days of snow and ice back in AR. I miss the snow and freezing fog (when that stuff sticks to everything - WOW!). Don't see that stuff way down here. 8^(

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Honestly, the icicle in that third picture could be deadly. You need to post signs that read "don't stand under the icicles." Hope it warms up soon.

Stacy said...

I hate driving on ice, too. It is really scary. Hope it warms up for you soon!

Philigry said...

oh, i love the pictres of the icicles!
happy winter!