Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Wow. I just can't keep it all up! I guess I'm just going to have to post once a week and make it a good one! I started classes again last week. This semester I am taking Small-N Design and Language and Literacy Development.
I *finally* finished the quilt to hang in the doorway of my classroom. It's been a hit. My first self-designed quilt. The flowers could have used some leaves, but it didn't happen.
I thought this was a cute self-portrait of one of my students. The blue line around his ear is his cochlear implant! :)
Here are some things I bought at the quilt show a couple of weeks ago. These fat quarters will be used for my Dear Jane quilt. Which should be finished in approximately 2030.
This was a cool pattern that looks kinda like circles, but it's not. It came with the triangle ruler to help out.
The pictures are from my camera, so the color's not so good, but these fabrics will make a cute bag to hold groceries or stuff. I have lots of stuff.
Random beads/sequins. I may do a crazy quilt someday....any advice?
This will be something new. It is a felted wool penny pincushion. (Not the bear, he's just there to look cute)


Nola @ the Alamo said...

You got some great stuff there! That circle looking triangular pieced quilt is neat, but it looks really difficult. Your doorway quilt came out great!

Merlin said...

As Wheezie on DragonTales says,"Looooooooove it!" 8^D