Friday, May 21, 2010

Check THIS Out!

Our anniversary is next Friday. Thirteen years. It's been a little slim, so we decided we weren't buying each other anything (does that ever work? No.). I spent about $30 on hubs.
Hubs got me THIS! Isn't it beautiful!? I *love* it!
I have to make a place in my 'craft' room for it, so it's temporary home is the living room. It works! It has a knee lever instead of a foot pedal. How cool is that!? The book and bobbins and presser feet were in the drawer. Date: 1951! SOOO excited, can you tell?
It's called Necchi. Anyone familiar with?

On another note....I just watched my son drive away on his first 'drive' with the driver's ed people. Sniff! On both accounts!


Sue said...

Hi, I just wandered over to your site. Be sure that I'll be back.

pinkandgeek said...

Necchi has been around for a while. Their customer service is pretty good, thats all that I know. They are out in CO somewhere.

Leigh said...

wow, Michelle! That's gorgeous! What a find!

Sophia said...

hahaha too funny. Happy anniversary. Your gift rocks! :)