Saturday, May 15, 2010

Purty Flowers

Went outside a couple of weeks ago and saw this beautiful iris. This is what happens when it is the first spring in your new house. We had an awesome arc of daffodils in the front beds, too. I love irises...especially purple. They always remind me of my grandmother. I love the dusky purple of this one.
These are awful pictures of my bluebonnets. Needed macro.
Had to buy myself a couple of these when I saw them at Home Depot. A little bit of 'home' in our front yard. My grandmother also had bluebonnets in her yard. They filled a whole side flowerbed, and it seemed every year there would be more. These are looking kind of scraggly right now, but there have been lots of seed pods, so we'll see. Always an adventure waiting to see what will pop up next year.

On anther note...I interviewed for a job that I found out last night that I didn't get. I didn't need the job, it would have been sort of a promotion and definitely more money, but that's okay! Not complaining because I still *have* a job. Just FYI.

Have a lovely weekend. Hope you have beautiful flowers where you are!

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Nola @ the Alamo said...

I love the bluebonnets! I didn't know they would grow in Oklahoma. You can order seed and sow it this fall for more color next spring.