Saturday, August 23, 2008


My favorite bulletin board in the school is the preschool bulletin board. They make the cutest things. This year, they are the Kangaroos, so they drew a picture of their face to put in a pocket. This was my favorite one...I wish I had eyelashes like that! Isn't she cute!?

I feel compelled to explain a little bit more about my last post for those of you who may not be familiar with the goings on round these parts. The bottom picture in the previous post is an upside down Longhorn. The Longhorns are the mascot of the University of Texas. There are no pro sports teams in Oklahoma (yet) so the majority of people route for the University of Oklahoma, whether they went there or not. Some go so far, as in this case, of putting the Longhorn on their vehicle upside down. So, that's what that is. He's a Sooner.

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Nola said...

I can't imagine anyone in the WORLD not understanding that symbol! Why, I thought it was used globally. Around here, I sometimes forget that longhorns aren't ALWAYS upside down...haha! Oh, did I forget to say BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!!!