Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week one of Trip

We had a great trip. We drove from here (Norman) to Carlsbad, NM. We stayed the night and then went to the caverns the next day. We took the Natural Entrance self-guided tour and also did the King's Palace ranger-guided tour. It was beautiful. It was interesting to learn about the young man (Jim White) who discovered the caverns thinking the bats were smoke from a fire.
We stayed until the evening to watch the bats come out of the cave. No pictures allowed, but it was awesome the number of bats that come out. They come out in a spiral formation counterclockwise and we watched for at least thirty minutes.

We drove to El Paso for the night and then on to Yuma, AZ for another night. It was interesting to see the fence demarcating Mexico.
A had never seen a cactus so big!

I loved these flowers.

We then drove to my husband's cousin's in Escondido. I've never had an In-N-Out burger, so of course we had to stop there. Pretty delicious!!

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