Friday, August 28, 2009

OU Mania

OK, These people are crazy! I've talked about this before, but now we actually live in the same town as OU. I never thought it possible, but it's worse. I even have put an OU license plate on the front of my car so that it doesn't get vandalized.
So this morning, I'm riding with my windows down, music on loud, and I stop at the red light. The man next to me rolls down his window, jerks his thumb backwards and asks if that means I'm a Texas fan. I said, No, sir, I'm just from Texas. He says, Oh, good, well, and I said, I figured I better put that thing on the front so my car doesn't get vandalized. He says, well, you need to add an upside down Longhorn to the back.

No, sorry.

He did have me laughing the rest of the way to work!

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Nola @ the Alamo said...

I could have told you all that! I've lived that life, and the Sooners never fail to amaze (and amuse)me. Most of the time it's just good clean fun, but it can get serious!