Friday, June 20, 2008

OU Fans

After Sallad's comment on my last post, I felt I should expound a little. We're from Texas. We've got UT, A&M, TCU, NTSU, all kinds of schools. The biggest rivalry we have is UT/A&M. It is friendly, a big game, yes, but nothing compared to moving to Oklahoma. These people are nuts. I mean crazy. People are OU fans that have never even gone to college, much less OU. There is another school here...OSU, but it's kind of like UT/A&M. There's nothing else to do here. As of yet, no professional Oklahoma teams to route for, so there you have it.
After being here a little while, and people finding out I was from Texas, I began really playing up the whole UT thing. I didn't go to UT. Could care less about UT. I lived in Austin, UT's a great school, very prestigious, but I never had a desire to go there. But, I *love!* messing with my Oklahoma friends!! It's so much fun. Each year at the weekend of the Texas/OU game we have friendly wagers. This past year, yes, it's true, I had to wear an OU shirt.
I don't have many pictures, but I have seen OU painted houses (well, red and white), an OU casket, OU easy chair, numerous bumper stickers. My friend even told me once that she doesn't think she could even step foot in Austin. What!? LOL
So, now I make these quilts for OU friends. They love them. It's even funnier that I make them. Hubby says I need to quilt a longhorn in there! Great idea!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember the OU days of living in Oklahoma! We always wore our OSU sweatshirts. People didn't like that.... but then they'd see they were for OREGON State University! When we lived in OK, my Texan grandpa liked to tell me that "Texas got a new zoo....they put a fence around Oklahoma." He cracks himself up. :)