Thursday, June 12, 2008

Table Runner DJ Update

Here are the latest installments in the table runner I am working on.
It's really kinda sad that I thought they were looking pretty good. The camera picks up every little flaw! The lady at the quilt store says when someone asks her if they should re-do the seam, she tells them to think about the blind man on a galloping horse. I said, what is that? She says, if a blind man on a galloping horse goes by, will he notice the imperfections?
Hmmmm. Well, then you'd never re-do anything! LOL I do have some standards. But some of these little pieces certainly are tricky!


Anonymous said...

You have been busy!!

Great job! :)

Elly D said...

They look just fine to me :-D in fact they look great!
thank you for your condolences for bunny and visit to my blog...