Friday, June 13, 2008

Old Faithful

This is my sewing machine. A couple of months ago, the rocker part on the end that you press in to wind the bobbin wouldn't stay in. A minor inconvenience that I solved by simply holding it in while winding the bobbin. Unfortunately, it began popping in at random times while I was sewing, making loud noises and scaring the pants off me. So, today I finally took it in for the service guy to take a look at. I was thinking a gear was broken or something simple like that. Nope, the rocker needs to be replaced, but they don't just make that part any longer, so I have to replace the whole turning mechanism on the right side. Around $150. Which would be fine, except the man kindly says the machine isn't even worth that much. I've been contemplating getting a new machine anyway, so now I'm wondering should I fix this one and save a little longer, or borrow from the savings account and pay ourselves back when I get my summer school check. I asked if it would keep getting worse if I continued to sew on this one, and of course, yes, it will eventually stop sewing altogether. He said this machine was made to sew a little girls dress on, and he's surprised I've gotten this much use out of it.
Countless quilts, tops, shirts, pants....I've gotten a lot of use out of Old Faithful, here. Part of me wants to just fix it and keep it for posterity's sake. Maybe someday it'll be really cool like the old metal ones my great-grandma used to have. Wish I still had hers. I bet it would still work.

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