Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ouch and Happy Father's Day!

I try to keep in contact with my sister fairly frequently, so I called yesterday to check on her since I had been negligent for over 2 weeks. She said, "You'll never guess where I am." Turns out my youngest nephew fell and cut his head open and had to get four staples. Poor little guy. By the time I talked to her last evening after all the excitement died down, he was up walking around playing the kazoo! I bet it's sore today, though!

Happy Father's Day!! I hope all the dads and pseudo-dads (anyone who has influence over someone else, which is the majority of you, even if you're not dads yet) have a nice relaxing day. Don't know if we're doing anything yet, but we'll be relaxing, that's for sure! Enjoy!

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