Friday, October 24, 2008

200th Post!!

Well, I figured since I gave you 100 things about me on my 100th post, I would give you the next 100 things for my 200th post!

1. I like to have the volume on my car stereo on an odd number. It must be my passive aggressive nature as I know most people want things on an even number. I have to let my rebel out sometimes!
2. I can be obsessive about things, analyzing them to death. Yeah, it's bad. I've been accused of this many times. Then there are other times I could care less.

3. In high school for an afternoon snack, I would open a can of LeSeur peas and eat them straight out of the can.

4. My friends say I'm orange, but each time I've taken the test, I'm different. I want to be green.

5. Just Kidding!! I'm not going to bore you with 100 more things about me!

For my 200th post, a giveaway!! I love giveaways!

To enter, leave a comment and tell me something interesting about yourself that I don't know and your choice of prize of these two things:
1. Pampered Chef stuff or

2. The Cowgirl quilt (lap size)

I'll pick the winner on Monday!


Greg C said...

Wow what great timing on my part. I love contests. I just wandered in from 2nd cup of coffee to see just what you do do. Let's see, something interesting..... I once cooked dinner for the president. It was Jimmy Carter. They diverted him at the last minute though and he never showed. I did get to see the secret service men though.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Yep, I'm an analyzer, too! I put my cologne on in odd numbers of sprays, but my music and tv volume are evens! I wish you HAD put 100 more things; I love the oddities, the things that set people apart from one another! I think the cowgirl quilt will look great in my house, since I lean toward a rustic decor! Happy 200th Michelle!

Tins and Treasures said...

Hello, I came to your blog, through another...after a comment about the OKC zoo...I have a pic on my blog that was taken in your zoo!
So to be in your give-away...I am actually "blue"...I use this test with my High School Personal Development class, so knew what you meant!

Alex said...

Ummm..peas??? ;) ha ha just teasing. How about this about me that you don't know...when I was in grade school...I was sitting across the table from a boy that I had a crush on at lunch....he was telling me and my gf then a joke...and just as he gave the punch line, I took a drink of my chocolate milk....and...........................................................................................................I laughed so hard...I spit it out all over him! =-O I am NOT kidding you. Needless to say, he never asked me to sit with him again. :P

Leigh said...

heh heh! I was ready to read your next 100 things! Happy 200th post!!!

Let's see... I have bad hair. pretty much continually. It's been a life-long struggle for me. ;) I'm a cooking girl, so I'd love the pampered chef giveaway! pick me!!!

Mrs. Hatten said...

Hum...something you don't know about me...okay. When I was in my last year of college I was leaving my parent's house one Saturday morning to go to work. We had a long driveway and my dad's car was parked behind mine. I didn't want to wake him up to ask him to move it so I decided to back out into the yard and go around him. While backing out, I ran over my mom's flower bed and my back tires were stuck in the bed. It was pouring the rain and I was not able to move the car out despite all of my efforts. I now had to wake my dad up and he came out to help me get my car out. He moved his car in front of mine and kissed my front bumper with his car in order to get me out. Before he did this he told me that once I felt the car move off of the flower bed he would move it the rest of the way out. When I felt the car was a safe distance away from the bed, I jumped out of the car and shut the door...without putting it in park. Since it was still in gear, the doors automatically locked when I shut the door and the car was directly facing the neighbor's house. When my dad went to open the door and discovered it was locked, he became irate! The car was locked, I didn't have a spare set of keys, and it was in drive facing the elderly neighbor's home when all the while we are in the pouring down rain screaming at one another. Well, the car was still stuck and when the locksmith came and unlocked the doors my dad moved the car for me. I learned two very good lessons that day--never drive on soggy grass in Ohio and always ask someone to move their car when it is blocking your own! :-)

TARYN said...

When I was younger I use to leave school after 2 hour and have my uncle pretend he was my dad and call in for me! I got in trouble once and they had a meeting with my parents, and my principle was like "Mr. Wilson you sound much different on the phone!" Man oh man did my leaving school days end! My mom was so imbarrassed. So just to let you know i had senioritis BAD!! I would of love to read 100 more intresting michelle fact!! Too Bad I'll settle for a contest thats not bad either!!

Michelle said...

Congrats on your 200th post!

Hmm...something interesting...let's see - my husband and I are both military brats and we actually met in high school in Germany. He asked me out and I turned him down. Several years later I didn't turn down his proposal for marriage! LOL

Michelle said...

sorry, I forgot to leave my choice - the Pampered Chef products look great!

pinkandgeek said...

It says I am green. Thes test from #4 that is.