Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pet Peeves

Other than the stomach flu....
And I'm sure there are many more...maybe I should start a list.
First, I hate it when people push the handicapped button to open doors. Are they seriously *that* lazy? I guess so.
Then there was the time I was truckin' away on the elliptical machine. Our gym is super crowded after work, and there is a strict thirty minute limit. Like you can't even increase the time past thirty. So this lady gets on a treadmill and starts to get all settled in. Puts her iPod on, gets her towel situated, opens her water, takes a little drink, then pours her little mix-in in it and shakes it up....only then does she start her workout. Rude.
Wal-Mart.....Express Lane, 20 items or less. The lady in front of me has at least 40.....does *not* even get her method of payment out until all the items have been scanned. Then, I kid you not, she writes a check. People still write checks at stores? The thing that made me feel better about it was that it was my favorite Wal-Mart checker. She's Deaf, so we got to gripe about it without anyone else knowing! :)
Have I told you that story before?
Red River Shootout this weekend....I wonder what mischief will abound this week?


Chris said...

What if you open it yourself, but at the last minute see a lady coming up behind you, so you hit the button as to have it open just in time for her to cruise on through, is that lazy or being a gentleman?

Nola @ Alamo North said...

Be careful this week. Hubby has the flag up, hanging in the window INSIDE the house where it can be seen, but not stolen. Yeah, right, they'll probably just break the window!

Alex said...

Hmmm....I feel ya on the pet peeves...I must admit, I have been hitting the handicap buttons lately....but then again, I have an excuse right now...can't push, pull, lift or bend from surgery! ;)