Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Great Shoe Debate

I need your help! We are going to the Navy Ball Saturday night and I can't decide Which Shoes (which is my name on MySpace~LOL)!

Cast your vote in the side bar! Thanks! I don't know what the deal is with this second picture...we weren't concentrating on the picture taking at that moment!

Strap or no strap? Conservative or more risque?
Votes need to be in by Saturday morning, please!


TARYN said...

I have a tat on the top of my foot. I have a small 4 leaf clover. It didn't really hurt that bad! It felt like an eraser burn. I got it with my mom! She was 40 and I was 20! It was a good experience. I got it on Beale Street in Memphis! I think mine is done tastefully, it don't make me look unprofessional at all.

Anonymous said...

How was the ball? Was the food good?

Hubby asked me if I wanted to go but I felt too fat and unattractive to get all dolled up. It's the baby's fault!