Thursday, October 30, 2008


Does anyone else remember these!? I *loved* these things as a kid. They are sheets of caramel that you peel from the paper backing and wrap around an apple. Add one of the enclosed sticks and voila!, instant caramel apple. Not quite as fun as unwrapping hundreds of caramels and mixing them with butter and filling the house with the wonderful aroma of melting caramel, but a good substitute. My mom did some fun awesome cooking type things with us as kids! Thanks, Momma!

Wrap a Wrapple,
Round an Apple,
Eat it quick,
On a stick,
Love caramel apples,
Love caramel apples,
With Wrapples,
From Kraft.

Yep, I even remember the song....


Tammy M. said...

We had those a couple of times when we were kids.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I see me eating the wrapple without the apple! :)

Sara said...

Where was I?!?! I don't remember wrapples, but I kind of want one now...