Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I passed out four bags of candy!!
This was the cutest costume of the entire evening!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Does anyone else remember these!? I *loved* these things as a kid. They are sheets of caramel that you peel from the paper backing and wrap around an apple. Add one of the enclosed sticks and voila!, instant caramel apple. Not quite as fun as unwrapping hundreds of caramels and mixing them with butter and filling the house with the wonderful aroma of melting caramel, but a good substitute. My mom did some fun awesome cooking type things with us as kids! Thanks, Momma!

Wrap a Wrapple,
Round an Apple,
Eat it quick,
On a stick,
Love caramel apples,
Love caramel apples,
With Wrapples,
From Kraft.

Yep, I even remember the song....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Giveaway Winner

My first Bloggy giveaway! My whole eight names to choose from.

I enlisted the help of my trusty assistant, and the winner is....
Tins and Treasures!! Congrats!

Monday, October 27, 2008

In My Email...A Poem

The Misunderstood Child
A poem about children with hidden disabilities
by Kathy Winters

I am the child that looks healthy and fine.
I was born with ten fingers and toes.
But something is different, somewhere in my mind,
And what it is, nobody knows.

I am the child that struggles in school,
Though they say that I'm perfectly smart.
They tell me I'm lazy -- can learn if I try --
But I don't seem to know where to start.

I am the child that won't wear the clothes
Which hurt me or bother my feet.
I dread sudden noises, can't handle most smells,
And tastes -- there are few foods I'll eat.

I am the child that can't catch the ball
And runs with an awkward gait.
I am the one chosen last on the team
And I cringe as I stand there and wait.

I am the child with whom no one will play --
The one that gets bullied and teased.
I try to fit in and I want to be liked,
But nothing I do seems to please.

I am the child that tantrums and freaks
Over things that seem petty and trite.
You'll never know how I panic inside,
When I'm lost in my anger and fright.

I am the child that fidgets and squirms
Though I'm told to sit still and be good.
Do you think that I choose to be out of control?
Don't you know that I would if I could?

I am the child with the broken heart
Though I act like I don't really care.
Perhaps there's a reason God made me this way --
Some message he sent me to share.

For I am the child that needs to be loved
And accepted and valued too.
I am the child that is misunderstood.
I am different - but look just like you.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Deaf Church

I went to the Deaf Church again this morning. Yep, that's what it's called. I learned three new signs. They are: "I don't mind," "at the same time," and "immature." Ok, guys, I'll be teaching them to you at sign language class this week. Ask around and see if you come up with the same thing!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Funny Story

Alex's comment on my last post reminded me of a story of when I was in fifth grade. My teacher's name was Mr. Cage and we had all kinds of animals in our room. But, that's beside the point. Michael sat across from me. He used to put those little erasers used on the end of pencils up his nose. Then he would occlude the opposite nostril and blow them at me. It was quite traumatic and disgusting and I still remember him to this day!

Friday, October 24, 2008

200th Post!!

Well, I figured since I gave you 100 things about me on my 100th post, I would give you the next 100 things for my 200th post!

1. I like to have the volume on my car stereo on an odd number. It must be my passive aggressive nature as I know most people want things on an even number. I have to let my rebel out sometimes!
2. I can be obsessive about things, analyzing them to death. Yeah, it's bad. I've been accused of this many times. Then there are other times I could care less.

3. In high school for an afternoon snack, I would open a can of LeSeur peas and eat them straight out of the can.

4. My friends say I'm orange, but each time I've taken the test, I'm different. I want to be green.

5. Just Kidding!! I'm not going to bore you with 100 more things about me!

For my 200th post, a giveaway!! I love giveaways!

To enter, leave a comment and tell me something interesting about yourself that I don't know and your choice of prize of these two things:
1. Pampered Chef stuff or

2. The Cowgirl quilt (lap size)

I'll pick the winner on Monday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blue Glitter Ball

I have this blue glitter ball at school. It is big and round and it filled with water and glitter.
I love to let all the glitter sink to the bottom and then turn it over quickly to make the glitter fall. It looks like smoke the way it curls up to sink to the bottom.
This ball also bounces. It is so much fun and I have it right next to my computer at my desk so I have easy access to it when I feel the urge to turn it over. It is quite addictive, really.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, we came home from the hospital this morning. Hubby did really well. He was sitting up asking for coffee when I got into the room. He is having a little more pain today in his throat. We are both tired as you don't sleep well in the hospital. Hope all is well with you!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back to the Hospital

Hey all, we're headed to the hospital in the morning for hubby's second surgery, so I probably won't be able to get to my computer. This will count for tomorrow's post! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we'd appreciate it!

Navy Ball

The Navy Ball was, well, the Navy Ball. Go all out, spend lots of money on your dress/jewelry/purse.

Have a stinkin' vote about shoes....

Then you go and critique everyone else's dresses and become bored listening to the speakers (who even dis on Texas!!) and eat blah food....

But we had a good time.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Kids

My baby is almost as tall as my first born! Sigh...
We're off to the Navy Ball in the ankle strap shoes! :) Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hubby and I were sitting here last night minding our own business watching Law and Order when we smell the unmistakable odor of skunk. He had believed Big Dog had previously gotten it, but this time we were sure. Oh boy, were we ever sure.....
So, we looked online and found this recipe: 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide, 4 tablespoons of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid. So I go traipsing to Target at 9:15 to get the peroxide and bathe both dogs. And amazingly enough, it worked!!
Now, how to get the smell out of the house!? It's faded, but still noticeable when you come in from outside.
Hubby's afraid Pepe Lepew lives under the shed. This is not good!

On other random notes:
1. Obviously I don't teach any of my readers' kids since the overwhelming response to the games/puzzles question was positive. You warmed my heart....there is hope.
2. Thanks for helping me decide which shoes! Don't you love random polls? I know I do!
3. Two Words on the tattoo issue: Peer Pressure. You guys are *not* helping! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Great Shoe Debate

I need your help! We are going to the Navy Ball Saturday night and I can't decide Which Shoes (which is my name on MySpace~LOL)!

Cast your vote in the side bar! Thanks! I don't know what the deal is with this second picture...we weren't concentrating on the picture taking at that moment!

Strap or no strap? Conservative or more risque?
Votes need to be in by Saturday morning, please!


I want a tattoo. Sometimes. But, there are many reasons why I don't have one. First, I'm chicken. That first needle would hit me and I'd scream like the girl I am and ask them to stop. Secondly, I'm kind of fickle and I don't know exactly what I want, I mean I know right now, but would I still like it in 5, 10, 20, 40 years? Hmmm. Plus, I want it on the top of my foot, and that's gotta hurt even worse and how professional would I look as a teacher with a big tat on the top of my foot? Doing my research that's a bad place to get one. I signed up to go on Miami Ink...woulda been a great girls trip. We had big plans....can't wimp out on TV...but, they never called. So, I don't have one. And now that I'm old, I probably never will.

But lately, I've seen these designs 'etched' in to hair:

Do they freehand them? Is there flash you can look at to decide what design you want? This would be a great alternative for me!! I could have what ever struck me at the moment, and wouldn't have to worry whether I'd continue to like it or not because it'll be grown out in a few weeks anyway. But I think the key here is having pretty short hair in the first place, and I'm not sure I'd look all that great with a buzz cut.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The State of the Union

Calling all parents of young children!! I love games. One of my favorite games to play with my students is Sorry! This is actually the Disney version of Sorry! I got a few years ago at the Wal-Marts (and Holy Cow, it was *not* $80!!). When I started teaching, all kids could play the game with ease. Many of them had played it at home before with their families.
A few years ago when I taught a classroom with Emotionally Disturbed kiddos, we had a lot of social skills to learn that were conducive to game playing. I haven't played it a whole lot in the past couple of years, but in honor of Fall break this week, I figured we could have a 'game day.'

Obviously children don't play board games anymore. They can't count squares, they can't wait their turn, they get angry when someone else is winning and pout or want to quit. I am bothered by this. I also had some puzzles out for some of my first graders last week to work on for the last five minutes of class. They couldn't do them. They had no concept of spatial organization, edges, matching of colors to give them clues.

I am very saddened by all this. These are life lessons children need to learn, as much as reading and math facts. Learning to wait your turn in life, losing (and winning) gracefully, good sportsmanship, following the rules.

So, those of you with children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews, little friends, and small dogs, I ask you....Do you play board games with the child in your life?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

She's Baaaack!!

Greatness made it here safely. We all had dinner and made plans for the week. Glad all is well so far.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Prince Bed

My prodigal child will be returning home tomorrow. Those of you who know us know that it is with mixed feelings we welcome her back. She left us about 15 months ago, and has decided now to come back. Hopefully it will turn out as well as the Prodigal Son story.

Since we gave her bed away, we had to go buy her a new one today. This will be more comfortable than her futon anyway.

The other night hubby and I were talking and he says "I've been wondering about something." telling. He says "There are King sized beds and Queen sized beds, why aren't the next ones down called Prince sized?"
Good question. We got Greatness a Prince sized bed. Hopefully she'll love the pink!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Hubby's birthday was this week. Now he's as old as me. My favorite part about this card was what my mom felt the need to point our in parenthesis. The card reads "Turning 40 is really no big deal." My mom adds: (Just ask Michelle). Haha....
The card plays the Monday Night Football music when opened, so it went over well with all the guys.

Of course we had "The Cake" and what would a birthday be without silly string!?

Our great friends brought hubby 40 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Individually wrapped!!

We ended the week at a Mexican restaurant and the Mariachi band came to sing.
We didn't tell them, I think they were hoping we'd offer them some cake, so hubby lucked out and didn't have to wear the giant sombrero!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Am Loved

Well, there are almost no words for this, but I am rarely at a loss for words. It does happen occasionally, and this morning when I walked in was one of those times.
I did start all this this year.
The kids have been walking by all morning and stopping and staring. It's been quite fun.

How do you like Henrietta's new earrings?
And how about Henri's new shirt? Henri's a French hippo.
My door.
My street sign.....
They even got Krispy Kreme footballs.
One of my former student's was helping with all this because his mom works here, and he was worried I was going to be mad. He didn't want me to be mad because I was his favorite teacher. Sweet.
Have a great day! Hook 'Em Horns!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Mischief

It's rampant, I tell ya. I go to two different schools. This morning upon returning to my home school from my secondary school, I saw this:

I've yet to locate the culprit....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mischief and I Won!!

The mischief has begun! And here's my addition to it! :) Call your husband over, Nola.

And, check this out! I won! Don't know what I won yet, it's gonna be a surprise! Can't wait! Thanks, diber!

Monday, October 6, 2008

New Hoodie

My son's new hoodie (hoody?, hoodia?)....Cute, huh!?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pet Peeves

Other than the stomach flu....
And I'm sure there are many more...maybe I should start a list.
First, I hate it when people push the handicapped button to open doors. Are they seriously *that* lazy? I guess so.
Then there was the time I was truckin' away on the elliptical machine. Our gym is super crowded after work, and there is a strict thirty minute limit. Like you can't even increase the time past thirty. So this lady gets on a treadmill and starts to get all settled in. Puts her iPod on, gets her towel situated, opens her water, takes a little drink, then pours her little mix-in in it and shakes it up....only then does she start her workout. Rude.
Wal-Mart.....Express Lane, 20 items or less. The lady in front of me has at least 40.....does *not* even get her method of payment out until all the items have been scanned. Then, I kid you not, she writes a check. People still write checks at stores? The thing that made me feel better about it was that it was my favorite Wal-Mart checker. She's Deaf, so we got to gripe about it without anyone else knowing! :)
Have I told you that story before?
Red River Shootout this weekend....I wonder what mischief will abound this week?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Hate the Stomach Bug

It's the worse thing invented that I've come across so far....nothing you can do about it except wait it out. Not sure how I got it unless it was by osmosis from the people at my sign language class who had it last week. Just stopping to check in. Hope you're doing better than I am!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Down Syndrome Awareness

It's Down Syndrome Awareness month. There's a challenge to post 31 days for on your blog all 31 days in October for Trisomy 21. I'm not so great at challenges like this with pre-set parameters. I like to make up my own challenges, but hey, we'll give it a shot.
I love kids with Down's. They are the sweetest, most precious babies! Ok, yeah, they're stubborn, too.
I had one in my preschool class one year. Each morning, we would go straight to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, and we would put our backpacks on an adjacent table while we ate. Everyday after breakfast as we were lining up, I would always call out "Backpacks!," so they wouldn't forget. This particular morning, I'll call her Suzie, comes up and sticks her foot in my face. I said, I don't know what that means, what do you want? So I modeled speaking and signing "Tie my shoe." Nothing. So I signed and said "Tie shoe." Nothing. I put her hand on my throat and said "Tie my shoe" and then placed my hand on her throat....nothing. I persisted for probably 3 minutes, which seemed like 10, gave up and tied her shoe. She walks away and clear as a bell yells "Backpacks!!"
I would love to share with you the most beautiful eyes I've seen recently!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pizza Bicycler

I wish I had had my camera (not that it would've worked) this evening on the way home. Well, after seeing a small accident...that wasn't good. It was pretty dark and we saw this guy riding his bike. As we approached and passed him, we noticed he was holding a pizza! From a place that is about 5 blocks away! And he was headed on base and he probably lived another 3 miles away! Huh. You see the weirdest things!