Friday, July 11, 2008

Camp and Bunco

My son is going to camp today. He went to this camp last year and he loves it! It has the longest zip line in North America, which from the top you can see Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. I'm sure the state line are drawn so you can differentiate. Well, that's what I thought when I was a kid....there were actually lines like there are on the maps!

There is also paintball, skeet shooting, horseback riding, and I'm sure lots of camp mischief!
He plans to get the "messy hair" award and when he gets home he will be getting it cut, so stay tuned for a little bit shorter hair.

He doesn't look too thrilled in this picture. He's actually excited, but the back back (as my kids at school say) is really heavy!

When I received this in the mail yesterday, it brought tears to my eyes.
When we lived in Georgia, our church group had Bunco once a month. It got nasty people....blood was known to be drawn. We had a lot of fun. We rotated houses, and everyone brought food, had presents for the winners and losers.
Well, I was teasing my friend a few weeks ago about wanting to come, so she sent us an invitation! I actually looked in to plane tickets, but it's too expensive. We thought it would be really great to just show up, but oh well! Thanks, anyway, Lisa! It's the thought that counts. You guys have fun!!

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