Monday, July 28, 2008


During lunch, my friend and I drove over to our school. I had some things in my trunk I needed to unload, and we had a little extra time. I did not have my camera, so you will have to imagine it with me....freshly waxed floors, nice, crisp, new bulletin boards going up, people unpacking, getting ready, calling out hello's to friends and co-workers you haven't seen in two months, the smell of old elementary school.....that was it! It's such a great feeling, and I always breathe in the smells deeply and realize, "Yes, this is what I am and where I am supposed to be." I'm excited!!

Please remind me around February to re-read this post! :)

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Philigry said...

such a great post. it is so nice to see how you are excited about the new year!