Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Happy Wednesday! I know you were probably expecting a Wordless Wednesday since I seem to not have many words to say lately...
Summer is almost over. School is starting earlier and earlier, so it is almost over for me. Teachers go back Aug. 5th. I'm excited and ready, but I don't ever seem to get a lot done during the summer. I always have great intentions. This summer I really wanted to get alot of quilting done, workout twice a day and eat right so I could get back in to some of my clothes, wander around some shops and stores I've seen that I've never been in, maybe catch up on some scrapbooking, get my cello out and re-learn that.

But, what happens is that my brain turns to Jell-O. So in actuality I've watched a lot of movies, Law and Order, I have worked out in the form of kickboxing, but haven't lost any weight, probably because we really like to go out to eat, I've quilted a little but haven't completed anything....I worked on my dad's scrapbook (Happy Birthday Daddy!!~The big 7-0), haven't gone to any shops unless I had to, worked summer school, and the cello remains in the closet.
I can't even seem to blog as regularly as I did during the's because I have little stimulation. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

So, there ya have it. The picture has nothing to do with it, other than it's from a fun night we had out while the kid was at camp.


pinkandgeek said...

the Rick smile, its like he is talking as he smiles

Eve said...

That picture says it all. You are busy and happy. "It's a good thing" as Martha would say. : )