Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Toys!

We got new toys this weekend. I've been wanting a bike so we headed to Academy and I got a Schwinn. Isn't that cool? On base we have to wear helmets and reflective vest or some such, so I look like a complete dork, we have the coolest nature trail!! I've been two days in a row now, and one of these days I might try to take my camera. A bunny ran right in front of me this evening, and I think I swallowed a bug! A little one, good protein, ya know.

My son has been doing extra chores all summer long and has been saving his money for an electric guitar. Here's the amp. It's cool and has some built in effects. He's been taking lessons for about 3 months now and while he doesn't know any complete songs (save for Jingle Bells, etc) it does my heavy metal heart proud to hear strains of Fade to Black, Iron Man, Freeebird, and Enter Sandman!

Hubby didn't get anything yet, but we did turn his camera in to get all the Desert dust out of it. Wonder if we could sell it?? For Sale: Dust from the desert of Iraq....10 cents for a tiny jar....didn't they used to do that with something? Moon dust, maybe!? I digress, what's new?

Here's the guitar! Isn't that sweet!?
It sounds great. It was a little more than he had, so he'll be working a couple more weeks. He doesn't mind working, he really likes to have the money.

School is upon us fast! I have a three-day workshop this week and a three-day workshop next week then work/professional development days and before you know the bright happy faces will be walking in the door! MMmmm....I can smell the fresh school supplies!

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