Saturday, July 26, 2008


I had lunch with a sweet friend yesterday.
As I was driving to her house, I kept seeing larger and larger houses, which was making me more and more uncomfortable. You see, sometimes going to places like this make me so stressed and freaked that I actually feel like I'm going to burst into tears.
I told her when I got there that we couldn't be friends anymore! This is not her house, but it's a couple of blocks away.
I used to be really self-confident that I could handle myself in all situations. But sometimes now in my old-age, I fear something rude or inappropriate is going to just fly out of my mouth.
It's been know to happen, trust me! LOL

This is Penny. She's a Corgi. Her little legs are so short that you can't tell if she's standing or laying down in this grass....

I'll leave you hanging!

This little guy's name is Chesterton Beeswax (Chester the Pester).
It's a great story. My sweet friend is rarely able to surprise her husband. So, she told many lies and behind his back taught summer school with me. She told her husband we were working out together....yes, she drew me in to the lie! Secretly, she was planning to buy this dog. Her husband has always wanted a French Bulldog, and now he has one. She pulled it off, he was completely unaware and very surprised!

On another note....we went to an engagement party last night that turned out to be the wedding!! How fun and crazy is that!?


Eve said...

I do understand how you felt about having friends with a lot more money than you. We had some golfing friends a few years ago and one day we went with them to their house to pick up another set of clubs. It was probably the biggest house in our town. We had no idea! It soon got too much for us to have to turn them down when they wanted to eat out at expensive restaurants for lunch or go to concerts and trips we just couldn't afford.

Our friendship just gradually tapered off. I never felt comfortable with them after we found out just how rich they were. Funny how we seek out our own class.

Nola said...

Hi again! I'm reading through all you older posts this morning "getting to know you". I had to stop here and pass along something you may or may not want to hear. As we get older, we do say more and more "inappropriate" things, but the consolation is that we care less and less about doing it. It has actually become quite cathartic (is that the word I'm looking for?). I do it more and more, and am quickly becoming really comfortable doing so! So prepare yourself, you'll find yourself doing it more as time goes by.