Monday, July 7, 2008

More fun...

My sister and I went to get Bar-be-que for lunch one day. Real *Texas* bar-be-que.....chopped BEEF, none of this pulled pork or mustard sauce or coleslaw on the top.
So, while we're there, I asked her how their creamed corn was. She said it's a lot of cream and a little bit of corn. I decided to try it anyway and got a small order. So she decided to give it a, ya think she got enough!? LOL Don't ask me about the snowman plate, I don't know.

My dad will be 70 this year. When my mom turned 60 a few years ago, we made her a scrapbook. I think she really liked it and I had a lot of fun doing it. We are making one for my dad this year and worked on it during the week. This picture reminds me why I don't scrapbook that often. I'm a little LD in that I like to have all my stuff out and spread everywhere.

I went on a little quilt shop hop of my own on the way down. I found a bunch of shops in the towns I would be passing through with the intention of stopping at some. I left the list at home. Yeah, I'm smart like that. I remembered where this one was in Gainesville and stopped.

I also went to three in Austin and one in San Antonio. One of the ones in Austin was pretty good, the others weren't that great, and the one in San Antonio was lame other than she was having a fat quarter sale. But none compared to this quaint place in it's old house with glass doorknobs. There is fabric in every corner, and the back room is the 50% off room. She even had little pieces for 50 cents. It was great. I'm glad I found it.

And finally, here is my son on the trip down. One sock.

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