Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

That song always reminds me of Jolie and Elf singing in the shower. I love it when he runs into the lockers! LOL

I'm a South Texas gal....I'm not used to snow and ice and freezing temperatures. Sure, it's fun for a couple of days, but this has been going on entirely too long! I know all you Yankees are laughing at me, and we don't even really live that far north. But my body is in sensory protest at the amount of clothes I'm having to pile on it!

A few weeks ago we had a terrible ice storm. Scores of trees had branches breaking every few seconds and many people lost power for over a week. We have been serenaded by chainsaws ever since. My husband drove me by the place on base that they are piling all the branches en route to.....??? My son said "I see a half pipe!" Doesn't he wish!

I hope they find some good uses for all the wood. It is sad to see so many trees being cut down.

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