Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Just What I Do, Pt. 1

When I was in college I loved going to the library. I would go and sit there for hours doing my assignments. I didn't mind them a bit (in fact, I loved them, but that's for anther post). The hushed voices, the smell of books and dust, the view out the second story window, the sheer amount of information at my very fingertips! I've even entertained the passing fancy of becoming a librarian.

My first job was in a book store. My dear friend and I were assigned the Children's Section and we would spend countless hours shelving and finding books for customers, and of course reading and finding new favorites. I remember one Christmas party we had at the owner's house...there were books everywhere! Shelves and shelves, I vowed to one day have as many books as I wanted. But reality set in, and when you move every couple/three years and you have a weight limit, you curtail your urges. I do buy paperback books that I know I will read more than once. My husband will say, haven't you already read that? And as I tell my students...books are made to be read more than once. Here's my favorite childrens book:

I have strict guidelines about paperback novels that I buy. I do not break the spine. This causes ugly bends and makes the pages stick out. The exception to this rule is the Scrabble dictionary.

This is the normal condition of paperback books
that I own.
Yes, I've read it.

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