Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Desk, Pt. 1

A couple of months ago, Dear Hubby found a desk for $15! at Goodwill. It was ugly, yes, but he's pretty handy (I think I'll keep him) and the desk is wood, so he figured he good make something decent out of it.

So this weekend, it was finally warm enough to dig it out of the carport and start working. Here it is, in all it's glory.

This is the cool stuff you put on it that makes the paint come off.
Ok, it's called stripper. That's paint stripper.

I love it when it's all done and you can just scrap it off!

But, alas, it doesn't all come off, especially when there's like 3 layers of paint on it. We think this desk was once white, then brown, then green. So, we used the sander (imagine Tim the Toolman and his rr-rr-rr) and the scraper. Dear Hubby even let me use the sander! At first I was a little leary, but then I thought, well, it was $15, if I mess it up, oh well! 1452 hours later......

it looked like this! Nice, huh? And that was just the front! Whew. And my shoulder is sore this morning. And my mother would cringe that I am starting sentences with "and."

I will post some pictures when we, whenever we finish!

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Aileen said...

I love this post! This is something I've heard my hubs say bunches of times. Seriously, though, why can't more people just do their jobs right?