Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bee Game

Ok, people, armed with the knowledge that I was coming in to a clean desk, I was excited to do some good work with the kids today. Well, I always do good work with them, but sometimes I'm in a better mood about it than others.

Oh, alright (sigh!), maybe I don't *always* do good work, but I always at least do acceptable work.

So, we did our good work, and the majority of the classes had about 5-7 minutes left, so in my buoyed mood, I decided to play the Bee Game with them. Now, I don't often play the Bee's selfish of me, I know....but the Bee game is really annoying to set up. I mean, you have all these 'leaves' that you have to stick through the tree, and I want them to actually come out the other side in a semi-straight fashion, I'm kinda anal like that. I can't let the kids help me set it up, because they just stick them in and don't care whether or not they come out the other side. That makes me all anxious and nervous and my head starts hurting. So, anyway.....once you get all the leaves in, you put the bees on top.

Then you play the game, which takes all of about 5 minutes if you stretch it. See, the kids just want to reach in there and grab all the leaves. Then that just makes me sweaty and churny inside and my head starts hurting again. The object of the game is to strategically and gently pull your chosen leaf so that no bees actually fall.....They don't get the fact that the person with the least number of bees is the winner here. A cuter version of Kerplunk.

We played and many squeals of delight, much laughter and flying bees ensued! I decided that it wasn't such a bad thing after all and I even let them help me put the leaves back in!


One Scrappy Gal said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today. :)

We don't have the bee game yet but might have to give it a try soon.

Hello Kelli said...

omg...i don't have the bee game, but i can relate and agonize through every feeling when we play kerplunk!!! AHHHH, why did i ever buy that game! I can absolutely not let them put the marbles in, they go everywhere, ahhhhh!!! yeah that definitely stays in the back of my game closet ;)

Anonymous said...

he,he,he,he.....i can just see you wanting to stop the kiddos from putting the leaves back in!

i must say they were having a great time! you know are walls are paper thin. hmmmm...i wonder if you heard me? :)