Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crotch Stitch

One of my favorite hobbies is cross-stitching. When the kids were little, they couldn't say it properly, so it came out crotch stitch, so now that's the joke.

Here is an angel I completed. Dear Hubby likes to tell the story that I actually did this whole project twice. I did the project on a piece of fabric that wasn't large enough for all the beads that make up the bottom of her dress (they are hard to see in the picture), so I did the whole thing again on a larger piece of fabric. She's beautiful, my favorite. This one is by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum of Lavender and Lace.

I'm working on this piece right now. She's called Fall Queen by Nora Corbett of Miribilia Designs.
Check back in a year or five to see her complete!

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