Saturday, February 16, 2008

Greeting Card Swap

I joined a greeting card swap at I haven't felt in the crafty mood lately. Today it's been raining and it was a great day to get it done. I think part of the reason I don't "craft" much is that I tend to spread all my stuff out and I don't particularly like the cleaning up part. I'd rather just leave my mess there and move on to something else fun and come back to it when I'm ready, and then it's all still out! We have a very very small house right now and it feels even more confining when cluttered. Plus there's work, kids, dinner to make, carpets to vacuum and all that jazz when school is in (No, I don't cook or clean in the summer. Just kidding). Maybe I'll do better at crafting when summer comes. Plus, I just want to sit around and do nothing. Except maybe read a book. Without breaking the spine, of course! Oh, in case you can't read it, the card says "I thought we agreed, no more garlic bread."


Carolyn B. said...

(Off topic) Hi, Michelle. Just touching base in case you tried to contact me and my spam filter ate it. I hadn't heard from you on the Great Interview Experiment; I believe you're the person who got paired up to interview me. Neil said we don't have to wait on whoever is before us if we want to go ahead and interview someone. So anytime you're ready, I'm game. :o)

Not a rush. Just touching base to make sure there weren't any missed connections!

- Carolyn B.
Collierville, Tennessee

P.S. -- You can email me at this address:
carolyn [at] dropsofblood [dot] com

Or you can find a contact form for me at any of my blogs: (my writing blog) (my anything blog) (my knitting blog -- possibly soon to be abandoned for lack of time to maintain it *sigh*)

Deb Ann said...

Oh, it's so beautiful!
I enjoyed reading your blog!

Dallas said...

Wow, the card looks great. I look forward to seeing them in person.