Thursday, February 28, 2008

In The Zone

When I got to work yesterday, my neighbor across the hall said, "You really don't pay attention to anything when you drive, do you?" Uh-oh, I'm thinking....this has happened before!! "Uh, well, not really," I said, laughing, "why??" She said, "Well Joe-Bob (the name has been changed to protect the innocent) and I saw you this morning, and we honked and everything and you didn't see us!!"
Oh my! Can I just tell you how much of a zone I am in in the mornings!? First of all, if you remember, I like to sleep, you know, the whole snooze button deal? Yeah, so I don't get up until I absolutely have to. I stumble through trying to get the puffiness out of my face, so I at least seem half way presentable when I leave the house, and I have my big mug of coffee (see the horrible, out-of-focus picture) that comes along for the ride. I hold the coffee in one hand and steer and shift with the other. It's pretty much a straight shot with a bunch of traffic lights, so I don't have to negotiate very much. On top of that, I hate the fact that morning radio people talk. Who wants to talk that early in the morning? Can you not just play music? At any given time *five* of the six pre-programmed stations in my car are talking. It really bugs me. So, my brain is usually still fuzzy from sleep and the caffeine hasn't taken hold yet, but the funniest part of this whole story is (took me long enough, huh!?) that Joe-Bob says to his mom "She's not even taking the opportunity to wave at me!!"
He's three. Gotta love it!!


Hello Kelli said...

Girl, you need to get that sirius back! no commericials, no talk, well I laugh all the way to work but thats between me and howard ;) ba ba booey ba ba booey

Aileen said...

I hear you on the radio stations. When I was commuting (eons ago) to work, or more recently, when I had a long commute to get the girls to school, I hated the stations that talked. Can't one decent station just play music in the morning? I'm not one to play kids' music either. I figure, I'm the driver, I get to listen to what I want to. Mean mom that I am. :)