Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm So Honored....

Last night, I was doing my daily blog reading, surfing around when I came upon one I like to read. As I am perusing this blog, I glance over to the list of blogs she likes to read and I see my name. What?? A jolt went through me as I'm thinking...that's me!! Wait, maybe it's not really me...I had to click on the link to convince myself of what I was seeing! It was me!! Someone has me as a link on their blog....and not only that, she's a Deaf lady! I felt so honored, excited, I felt like I had won a blog award or something! LOL
When I started my blog, I thought it would be nice to keep the family informed, maybe a few of my friends would read it. And of course, you secretly hope that other people will like you and make some new friends. So, here I am, a little less than two months into my blogging experience, and I am just thrilled! It has morphed into more than I thought it would be. I have made new friends, found a new hobby, and I am just loving it. I may not be getting many comments anymore, but obviously someone out there is still reading! Thanks, Deb Ann!


kapgar said...

It does feel kinda cool, doesn't it?

Deb Ann said...

Wow, thank you!
I truly fell in love with your blog!
When I see my name on your post, it brought me a smile on my face!
Deb Ann