Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Evil on the Wind

Well, the wind came sweeping down the plain yesterday afternoon taking the warmth with it and leaving evil. A few blocks from our house, a man decided not only was he no longer worthy of living on this Earth for some reason, but neither were his two children, ages 4 and 8. It was sad and disturbing and scary. We were asked to stay in our homes, and no one could come or go from housing. Children were stuck at soccer practices, and buses had to take children back to schools while the madness played out. We made Fox News....I'm not feeling particularly prideful in that accomplishment under the circumstances. Who has any ideas about why people feel the need to kill their own children? Is it better that he then turned the gun on himself rather than calming calling 911 saying he just killed his children like the woman in New York or previous women in Texas? Is there no place that would take the children off the hands of mad people? Would the scars from being abandoned be worse than being killed by a parent?

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