Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not An Interpreter

I didn't pass. I didn't pass the interview part. I didn't understand the question that was signed to me, so therefore I couldn't answer it. If you don't pass the interview part, you fail the whole thing. But they didn't tell me that I didn't pass, and went ahead and did the whole thing, got feedback and everything only to be handed this letter.
It was hard. Nothing like I'm used to. I'm used to transliterating lectures or sermons. This was completely interactive, so I didn't do well. Now I need to chose to try again, which I'm not feeling, or forget it. I certainly need to take some ASL classes, that's for sure if I'm going to try again. I doubt I will try again in this state. How horrifying!
In college I interpreted Genesis-Esther, Job-Malachi, The Gospels, Acts-Revelation, Business Math, Macroeconomics, Nutrition, Japanese, Art History, Biology, devotionals, church services, and countless daily chapel services. Since then I've taught Deaf Ed, interpreted who knows how many church services, and taught sign language class at three different churches.
Guess that doesn't count.

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Deb Ann said...

Hi Michelle!

Oh, I'm sorry that it didn't go well, but I think you did well with signing and it's probably hard to read someone else's signing and was that person signing so fast? Maybe some tricky thing on the evaluation is easy to miss like you said the part you didn't understand? Have you talked with some interpreters and they can help you with that? It said in the letter that you needed to upgrade? What does it mean? Not new signs or is it speedy signing or what?
By the way, I want to say congrats that you did all your parts on the test no matter if you passed or didn't make it.
Way to go, Michelle!