Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Car

This is my car. I love my car. I got my car completely by myself
while Dear Hubby was in the desert. I researched and found three I liked. the Scion tC, the Camry, and the Yaris (Yep, die hard Toyota gal here). Weird three huh? Well, the Camry is just cool looking, but a little out of my price range, the Yaris was the go-to for gas mileage, and the Scion is just cool. So, I went with the Scion. It's the first time I haven't had to buy the cheapest car on the lot, so I'm loving it. But you know why no one buys these reasonably priced cool-looking cars? The insurance. I washed it every week in my driveway while it was warm enough, and tried to go through the car wash.

So, the other day when I left my mom's house in San Antonio, my
car looked like I had been four wheeling! It was because of 'mud rain'.
It was bad. My step-dad didn't know of a car wash, so I thought I would just do it when I stopped to get gas. But no one seemed to have one, and I was anxious to get home.

The next morning, I washed the car (twice! good grief) and vacuumed it out, and did the whole Armor All thing while my son was mowing the grass. I mean weeds. Here's a message for you all. It says hi in case you're having difficulty. I was trying to make something out of the not mowed parts, but the message is actually in the mowed part! lol

Yesterday I went to get my hair done. My gal is awesome. She can really make my thick locks look great. Anyway, she says, I'll walk you to your car.....and THIS is what I see.

What is with you Oklahoma people!? :)


codadiva said...

I bought my car too. I got the title drove my Passat to the Saturn dealer and got a Outlook! LOVE IT!

Congrats on the car!

CiCi said...

WHO did that did u ever figure out who? And the Adrian thing reminds me of Aunt Jennifer. LOL Hes so smart i dnt think i could've done that!