Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Them Eat Cookies!

These are my son's favorite cookies. He's a pretty good kid, so I made him some today for no good reason. Just felt like it....OK, and I kinda like 'em, too, so I figured it wouldn't hurt my diet if I had one. Or four. You know how sometimes if you eat enough of something and it makes you sick and then you don't want to eat that any more? I wonder if it would work with these. Especially right out of the oven all melty and chocolately......man!

And here is the most beautiful tool I have to date. Man.....I really did not know what I was missing before I had this little beauty. This was my gift after hubby's third trip to the desert. It wasn't even my birthday or anything! Kinda like today. Cookies for no reason! Gotta love 'just cuz I love you' gifts!
3/12/08 My friend got a Just Because present!


Hello Kelli said...

I always wanted one of those mixer things, but really just cause they make pink ones ;) I don't really cook ;) lol...I just read your blog after mine. I got a just because gift today ;)gotta luv em!

Jess said...

ooohhh...I'm drooling over that mixer. I've been getting by with my little hand-held for years. So, is it hard to keep clean?

One Scrappy Gal said...

Those cookies look scrumptious!! Recipe?