Friday, March 7, 2008

One Point Four

Here is my score on the interpreting test. Note that I received a 78.6%. Not as bad as I orginally thought! You will also note that I needed 80.0% to pass. So close, yet so far.

What stumps me, though is that you can achieve Level I by passing with 50% of Transliterating and Interpreting, but how on earth do you get past the interview portion to even get 50%? I mean, if you can pass the interview section with 80%, you are most likely going to get more than 50% on the other sections, so why is there even a Level I if no one can get past the interview portion to see if they would get 50%? Does all that even make sense?

I wish they had gone ahead and given me all my scores just so I could see whether or not it was worth it to go back and try again (which I'm not).

And WHAT is with Level III you only need 85% and Level IV you only need 80%. Whatever....


Deb Ann said...

Transliterating and Interpreting

Can you explain to me what is the difference between transliterating and interpreting?

Michelle said...

Transliterating is doing more word-for-word, using what I used to call Pidgin Signed English, now it is called CASE (Conceptually Accurate Signed English). Interpreting is using ASL. Much harder for me, just because I don't know ASL as well....I'll have to come live with you for a couple of weeks to brush up on it, ok? :)