Friday, March 21, 2008

I Heart San Antonio

I grew up in San Antonio. I love it. It's such a cool place. Diversity. Mexican Food. The River Walk. Night In Old San Antonio. Cascarones. Cinco de Mayo. Hearing Spanish being spoken all the time. (Did I take Spanish in high school like my mom suggested? Nope. French.) River Parades. Bridge Tournaments. The Majestic Theatre. The San Antonio Zoo.

The Tower of Americas. (I'm terrified of heights now, I don't know how I used to love going up there as a kid. I do remember not liking the elevator much, though. These days, I wouldn't go at all. ) H-E-B. Field trips to the Alamo. El Mercado. Arneson River Theater. Rock Concerts. Texas History in Seventh grade with Mrs. Naranjo. (She made us all say her name 165 times until we could say it properly with little accent. Second syllable accented with a trilled r, and the j has an h sound in case you didn't know. She was great!)

And of course, pinatas at birthday parties. When I arrived at my nephews party, however, I saw this:

What are the strings for I innocently ask? Well, I was *not* happy to find out we do not hit pinatas anymore....each child goes up there and pulls a string. One of the strings is attached to the trapdoor that opens and makes all the goods fall out. How lame is that!? I was so disappointed that one of my fond childhood memories has gone P.C. I'm sad.

That's all right. We hit it anyway! I mean, I'll be forty this year if I blow out my candles, and I've never once got hit about the head with a pinata stick. I also never wore a helmet, and my first car only had a lap seat belt. I'm *not* saying you shouldn't wear a helmet or seat belt, I'm just saying, there are some things we didn't know/do....

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CalicoDaisy said...

Hey Michelle - This is the Michele that commented on your "verbose" posting. I love SA, too! I went to Trinity U and became quite the Texan, though never to live there again. My parents live south of Houston now, though. I love finding the common things among we bloggers. I miss Taco Cabana on Hildebrand and San Pedro? I want a fajita and guac and a margarita! -- Michele